Neural Manipulation : Peripheral Nerve Manipulation; Upper Body 2 (NM2)

Course Length: 3 Days, 18 Hours course time

Synopsis: This course explores evaluation and treatment techniques for peripheral nerves of the upper body.

Course Highlights:

  • Explore in detail the anatomy and function of the peripheral nerves of the upper body.

  • Discover typical pain patterns that arise from dysfunction of these peripheral nerves.

  • Learn evaluation methods and treatment techniques to facilitate normal functioning of these peripheral nerves.

  • Discover various methods for releasing restrictions in nerves.

  • Explore practical integration into treatment sessions.

Prerequisite: Neural Manipulation: Neuromeningeal Manipulation (NM1).  It is advised that you should perform at least 100 brachial plexus treatments before taking this class.

Required Advance Reading: Manual Therapy for Peripheral Nerves by Jean-Pierre Barral, RPT, DO; and Alain Croibier, D.O.