Visercal Manipulation 4

Prerequisite: VM2

The Thorax (VM4)

After taking Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen 1 and 2, you’ve become acquainted with the feel of the different abdominal organs and local restrictions. In the Thorax workshop, you’ll take an expanded look at the functional biomechanics of the thoracic cavity. You’ll also explore the relationship between the hard frame and soft frame with its countless articulations for respiration, circulatory requirements and upper body movement patterns.


Dates: 28-31 Jan 2022

Course Length: 3 Days, 24 Hours course time (this course is usually run over 4 days)

Location: Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire

Instructor: Rita Benamor 


Course Highlights

    • Explore visceral fascia of the throat and thoracic cavity.
    • Review the anatomy, biomechanics and function of the thoracic organs.
    • Study the biomechanics of the cervical, thoracic, rib cage and shoulder girdle complex.
    • Learn techniques to release the soft tissue components of the thoracic inlet and hyoid apparatus.
    • Practice listening techniques within the thoracic activity.
    • Understand practical integration of the thoracic cavity organs.
    • Learn integration of the thoracic organs with the complex ligament systems of that body region.
    • Discover techniques for differentiating between somatic and visceral causes for thoracic and spinal problems.
    • Special Focus on Pleura, Lungs, Pericardium, Heart, Mediastinum, Thyroid, Trachea, Esophagus, Sternum, Rib Cage and Thoracic Plexuses.


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Full Price: €400
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