Visercal Manipulation 3

Prerequisite: VM2 


The Pelvis 3 (VM3)

Visceral Manipulation: The Pelvis (VM3) studies the relationship between functional and structural mechanics of the pelvis.


Dates: 8-10 Oct 2021

Course Length: 3 Days, 24 Hours course time (this course is usually run over 4 days)

Location: Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire

Instructor: Rita Benamor 


Course Highlights

  • Learn to identify, receive and conduct Jean-Pierre Barral’s method of evaluation and treatment for the organ systems of the pelvic cavity, including the integration of the pelvic organs with the complex ligament systems of that body region.
  • Discover techniques for differentiating between somatic and visceral causes for pelvic and low back problems.
  • Discover how to integrate the pelvic organs functional movement patterns.
  • Explore additional principles of direct and indirect approaches and their appropriate applications.
  • Integrate the pelvis into the body with principles of Lines of Tension and Interrelationships.


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Full Price: €400
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