Neural Manipulation: Neuromeningeal Manipulation (NM1)

Neural Manipulation: Neuromeningeal Manipulation (NM1) : An Integrative Approach to (mechanical) Trauma 

Dates: Feb 2024 dates to be confirmed

Course Length: 3 Days, 18 Hours course time


Location: Maldron, Merrion Road, Dublin

Instructor: Alex Fugallo, Osteopath

Synopsis: This is a specialized course focusing on the impact of whiplash.

Course Highlights:

  • Study the three primary areas of trauma as they relate to whiplash: physical laws, evaluation and treatment.
  • Learn the appropriate anatomy and physiology for treatment of whiplash and trauma conditions.
  • Learn to locate and release restrictions along the meningeal system.
  • Assess injuries to the soft tissues of the cervical region and learn treatment protocols for optimal release.
  • Learn tests to determine restriction patterns of the cervicobrachial region.
  • Understand how whiplash creates restriction patterns throughout the body.
  • Identify techniques that encompass the whole body, as the whole body receives collision forces in a whiplash injury, not just the cervical spine.
  • Learn to evaluate restrictions in the lumbosacral region.
  • Discover new applications of visceral manipulation principles and techniques as they can be utilized for patients presenting whiplash and other conditions involving trauma.
  • Compare treatment sequence and tests for whiplash and traumatic injuries.





Full Price: €400
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